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XK Bar Ranch


A small family ranch striving to sustainably produce healthy food while being good stewards of the land, water, soil, plants and animals, and contributing to the  local community and economy.

Sometimes known as the rinkydink ranch.

Tony Prendergast


Interested in where your beef comes from?  I'm happy to show you.  Tony.prendergast@me.com

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About us; the ranch and cows

I buy weaned calves from local ranches and grow them out on grass pastures for about 12 - 20 months until they are 'finished' and ready to butcher.  While in my care the only inputs are grass, water, salt and trace mineral licks.  In the winter they are fed free choice grass hay.

They are processed at a nearby USDA inspected facility.

The ranch is tucked into the foothills of the West Elk Mountains  on the western edge of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.  I irrigate the pastures with snowmelt water straight off the mountain.  The 6800' elevation with sunny days and cool nights creates particularly nutritious, sweet grass that is perfect for grass-finishing.  The short, cold, snowy winters naturally break the parasite cycles.